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Knife 1 Russian steel CPM S90V

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Knife 1 Russian steel CPM S90V
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Total length mm 225
Blade length, mm 100
Stick length, mm 125
Width of blade, mm 25
The width of the handle, mm 29
The thickness of the handle, mm 21
The thickness of the butt, mm 3.5
Hardness, hrc 63-65 HRC (КРИО)
Descents прямые
Installation of the handle сквозной
The material of a handle Айронвуд
Meterial of blade Сталь CPM S125V
Ножны Натуральная кожа
ATTENTION! In the manufacture of the handle of this model can be used various materials. To discuss all of the details you need to contact the Manager. Or,when ordering, specify in comments.

Knife Russian 1-01 created from premium steel CPM S90V according to the technology of powder metallurgy. Each alloy component in the composition of the metal, gives the product special advantages. The result is a properly selected ratio of the components, the masters manage to create a universal stainless steel knives with sharp cutting edge easily and consistently coping with various loads in the home and in extreme circumstances.

In our Workshop presents an original author's blades of steel CPM S90V. Offer buy Russian 1-01 for your own use or as a solid gift for man at affordable price, sending in any region of the Russian Federation.

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