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Knives made from CPM 3V steel

We sell knives with durable steel blades of the new generation of CPM 3V in a large assortment. We have a wholesale and retail sale online. Guaranteed shipping knives around the area. All products in the range are certified.

Knives made from powder steel CPM 3V appeared on the market in 2010. Their first designer was the American company Crucible Industries LLC. The experience of their colleagues quickly adopted the true professionals from the Russian Workshop Ulanova D. F.

Features of production

The manufacture of blades shall be in accordance with the original standards on technology of amorphous metal alloys.

The composition of the metal includes an additional set of ingredients: 13-18% chromium, carbon, manganese, Nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon and other chemical elements. Thanks to properly chosen ratio of ingredients, steel blade acquires a high strength, wear resistance, resistance to corrosion and mechanical influences.

Brand knives author's production of steel grade CPM 3V is practical to perform a range of complex functions and can be used even in extreme environments.

Brand knives made of CPM 3V steel in stock

On the Workshop website Ulanova D. F. you will find a great selection of signature knives are handmade from high-strength alloy CPM 3V. This page presents the most popular and exclusive model with a comfortable handle made of precious wood, mammoth ivory and stabilized the tooth.

We can be expensive to buy a knife all metal:

  • Hunter;
  • Oka;
  • Spartacus;
  • Needle;
  • Babylon and other blades.

All products available certified. We guarantee long life and full compliance with the stated parameters of the blades.

Brand a handmade knife – a great gift for men. Quality blades of steel Premium can be operated in all conditions.

We also accept orders for manufacturing of knives on unique sketches, reviewing with the client every detail. Skilled craftsmen will perform quickly and efficiently order, taking into account all the preferences and requirements of the buyer. To negotiate the terms by phone. To place an order for the selected knives from steel CPM 3V can be online, by sending the selected item to the trash. Guarantee fast order processing and prompt shipping for the region. More detailed information can be obtained from our specialists by telephone. Call us now!