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Fishing knives

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We offer a large selection of fishing knives from direct manufacturer with home delivery. All models in stock handmade. Every knife in the catalog, there certification. A ready-made tool can be made online.

Going on a fishing trip, a real fisherman takes with him not only a convenient bait, hooks, line and bait, but also a reliable fishing knife. This tool can be used for different purposes:

  • for cutting rope and fishing line;
  • for the preparation of small firewood kindling a fire;
  • for cutting food;
  • for cleaning and cutting fish.

Fishing knife must be durable, sharp and easy to use. Choosing such a tool, you need to pay attention to the quality, shape and size of the blade. The most reliable models are made of alloyed stainless steel. It is also important to choose a convenient handle with smooth curves for the palm and fingers.

Buy fishing knives from the manufacturer inexpensive

We offer you to buy fishing knives from the manufacturer at an authorized Workshop Ulanova D. F. In the range knives high quality stainless steel and durable handle made of precious wood.

We sell handmade knives that guarantee a long service life. All products have a certification.

To choose a quality fishing knife at our Workshop. For any questions willing to meet experienced consultants taking calls at the contact phone number.

Fishing knives in stock

On the Workshop website Ulanova D. F. presents the author's fishing knives in different shapes and sizes.

The most popular and sought after models:

  • Russian;
  • Leader;
  • Finca;
  • Rybachok;
  • Babylon etc.

Want to buy exclusive fishing knife at an affordable price? We offer you to order individual manufacturer of high-strength tool from quality materials. Skilled craftsmen will create a stunning knife for a fisherman, taking into account personal needs and wishes of the client. Discuss terms of sale to order by phone.

High strength fishing knife from a reliable manufacturer Ulanova D. F. will allow you to solve any task in the environment. Ordered the tool is sent to the customer in a special package complete with certification. Ensure the fast sending!