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The blades of steel Vanadis8

We offer brand knives of different models for a wide range of purposes from powder steel Vanadis 8. Our services also includes the manufacture of blades to order. Affordable prices on the entire range. Fast delivery to any region.

Hunting knives of high quality and impact resistant steel Vanadis 8 are made from cold-forged alloy powder. Products are characterized by high durability, resistance to corrosion effects, mechanical shock and chemical reactions.


The manufacturer creates knives of steel grade Vanadis 8, respecting the original standards. The metal composition includes additional components that increase the strength of the finished product.

Additional elements in the composition and their effect:

  • molybdenum – increases strength, hardness, corrosion resistance;
  • carbon – improves the viscosity and hardness, resistance to wear, reduces the rate of plasticity;
  • vanadium increases the corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance;
  • Nickel is added to increase toughness and resistance to corrosion;
  • chrome provides the hardness, density and resistance to stretching;
  • cobalt has the highest effect of hardness and toughness.

These figures prove high quality hunting knives from steel Vanadis 8. Owner reviews of blades from this metal are very positive.

Steel knives brand Vanadis 8 in stock

In a private Workshop Ulanova D. F., you can order high-quality knife steel Premium Vanadis 8 with delivery to the specified address. We sell blades from our own production and guarantee full compliance of products to all stated parameters.

On our website presents a large variety of models of steel Vanadis 8 in different formats and designs. We can be expensive to buy a knife of the Hunter, Fang, Leader, Russian, with high quality and stylish handle of natural wood of valuable varieties.

Available in exotic and collectible knives steel Vanadis 8. This blade will be a great present for your boss, father, brother and good friend for any occasion.

Steel knives of high strength can be operated in any environment: hunting, fishing, tourism, etc. to Make a quick order by phone or online by adding the selected product to the basket. We offer a convenient system of sale and best prices on high quality knives of solid steel Vanadis 8!