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The blades of steel RWL-34

The site presents handmade knives of high strength steel RWL-34 in a large assortment. All products are certified and meets the highest quality standards. Buy steel swords for hunting, fishing and tourism. Guaranteed delivery of orders across the field in operational terms.

Stylish knives made from powder steel RWL-34 are made on the technology of the Swedish company that developed a unique composition of components in the 50-ies of the last century. The metal alloy possesses a lot of positive qualities that enable you to create high-strength knives have different purposes for use in any conditions.

Features of knives of steel RWL-34

The most affordable and very common powder steel brand RWL-34 has a decent reputation. Knives of this alloy are characterized by the following properties:

  • resistant cutting edge;
  • prolonged retention of sharpening;
  • resistance to mechanical and corrosive influences;
  • high strength, wear resistance and hardness of the metal;
  • stable and reliable blade.

The homogeneous structure of the alloy can be high-quality processing and polishing, which allows you to create knives of various shapes and configurations. In the main part of the metal include additional alloying elements in the correct ratio:

  • chromium 14%;
  • silicon is 0.5%;
  • carbon 1.05%;
  • manganese 0.5%;
  • molybdenum 2.0%;
  • vanadium 4%.

Each ingredient imparts to the finished product certain qualities.

The blades of steel RWL-34 in a large assortment

Buy a handmade knife of high strength steel RWL-34 in Workshop Ulanova D. F. In the presence of the original blade with a terrific performance model "Cardinal" for a wide range of applications.

The handles used precious wood. Exclusive collector's knives in unique design completed with a handle made of stabilized tooth and mammoth Tusk.

We sell knives of its own production and guarantee full compliance with the stated parameters of the blades and their long service life when properly stored. All knives are in stock with low retail price. We accept orders online and by phone. To all the questions ready to answer by our experts. Call us now!