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The blades of steel М390

Brand model steel knives with high-quality handle made of natural wood in stock. We offer advantageous conditions of sale for each customer. To order a knife steel М390 a specialist workshop Ulanova Phys.

For many centuries the best for the manufacture of knives was considered to be Damascus steel. But progress does not stand still and thanks to modern technology in the new models of knives of steel Premium М390. The first developer of such weapons is an Australian company. Today knives of high quality steel М390 skillfully created by experienced professionals from the Workshop Ulanova.

Features of the production of blades of steel М390

In the production process of original ideas and traditional European standards, successfully combined with some innovations that improves the performance and gives the finished product a unique look. Artisans produce proprietary and exclusive knives for various purposes in stylish design.

In addition to iron is strong and wear-resistant knives have this composition:

  • carbon increases the strength of the product;
  • chromium is resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress;
  • vanadium and molybdenum increase the strength level and yield strength;
  • manganese, silicon improves the surface quality of the metal;
  • tungsten – has the strongest effect on increasing strength.

Steel knives М390 are characterized by improved mechanical properties. The level of hardness on the Rockwell scale of 65 units is highly resistant to deformation, good resistance to corrosion and chemical reactions. Consistently withstand serious blows and various loads.

The blades of steel М390 in stock

In the Workshop Ulanova D. F. you will find a great selection of steel knives М390. The range includes models of the original and collector's format for a wide range of purposes.

We can be profitable to buy a knife from a steel М390 delivery. Customers wishing to purchase a unique product for presentation and collecting, can place an order for the manufacture of a knife according to the individually compiled sketch. Our masters take into account all wishes and requirements of the customer and create high quality knives of solid steel premium М390, following the generally accepted standards.

All questions can be discussed over the phone with our experts, call us!