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The blades of steel KH12MF

We sell high-strength knives made of branded steel KH12MF inexpensive and offer a large range of blades are handmade. In the Workshop Ulanova D. F. you can buy quality steel knives in a single click from the area.

Steel KH12MF brand has the highest density structures. The material is referred to instrumental stanovenou mind. The advantages of alloy – highly resistant to corrosion and physical influences.

In the knife workshop Ulanova D. F. are made of high-strength knives made of premium steel KH12MF. In the production activity observed with the original technology and European standards.

Benefits and properties of blades of steel KH12MF

Worldwide steel knives brand KH12MF are in great demand. This is due to the numerous advantages of blade, successfully performing a variety of functions even in extreme environmental conditions.

The key advantage of blade of steel KH12MF include the following qualities:

  • high level of wear resistance;
  • decent strength parameters and hardenability;
  • heat resistant, can be used at high temperatures;
  • consistently retain shape under mechanical loads and bends;
  • not deformed and does not lose metallic luster under the influence of a moist environment.

For the manufacture of knives used a metal alloy with additional components in the correct ratio of manganese, silicon, chromium, Nickel, vanadium, carbon, molybdenum and other components. The result is a high-strength blade, long-term restraint sharpening.

Recommended operation of the knife: hunting, fishing, tourism. Also allowed the use of household needs, but very carefully.

The blades of steel KH12MF in stock

To buy a knife of steel KH12MF handmade at an affordable price you can on the website a specialized workshop Ulanova D. F. this section presents a large selection of blades in a variety of designs. The most popular and sought after knives in the collection:

  • Hunter;
  • Buffalo;
  • °
  • Siberian;
  • East;
  • Huntsman etc.

Experts create knives for sale and under the order, taking into account individual requirements of the client. The handles are used only valuable breeds of a tree. Exclusive collectible swords equipped with a hilt of ivory and a stabilized tooth.

To make a purchase in one click, adding the selected blades of steel KH12MF in the basket. Payment for the goods is carried out in several ways, the choice of the buyer. For any questions ready to answer our assistants taking phone calls. In our store you will find a stunning knife with a flawless performance for himself and as a solid gift this man!