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The blades of steel К340

The blades of steel К340 in stock and on order. We offer high quality products at affordable prices. A wide range of finished blades with handles of wood luxury apartments. Available gift, collectible, hunting and tourist knives from the manufacturer.

In our store collection presents blades of steel Bohler К340 characterized by high strength and wear resistance. For the manufacture of all-metal models use holodnokatanaja tool steel, the hardness of 62-64HRC.

The material does not apply to stainless steel types, but is highly resistant to the corrosive destruction in the process of operation, and due to the sturdy metal structure and a reduced amount of carbon and other components that do not allow the rust to stay longer on the surface of the blade.

According to owner reviews, blades of steel К340 have a decent performance and a long service life.


In the Workshop Ulanova D. F. you can buy a cheap knife metal steel К340 at an affordable price. In the presence of a large variety of models of their own making.

Our knives are highly durable, resistant to various influences, impacts and bends. Such models can be used in any extreme conditions, the knife will never fail and will justify the hopes of its owner.

Steel knife К340 – the best option for active people! The product can stand any test and will perfectly cope with the most difficult task. This knife can easily cut the animal horn the hunt, cut the thick rope intensive use at high humidity and air. With this tool you can go to any journey, even in the woods, even in the mountains.

Terms of sale and the range

On the Workshop website Aldanova a selection of all-metal knives made of sturdy steel К340. We have to buy the model for hunting, fishing, tourism and other purposes.

Also available exclusive steel knives К340 for collectors. We offer high quality products from their own workshop, to ensure long life steel knife and its excellent technical properties.

On the website you can buy the chosen model of the knife from a steel К340 at affordable price, or order custom-made phone.