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The blades of steel Elmax

Steel knife Elmaks can be ordered with home delivery. In our shop a large assortment of blades. In the presence of the tourist, hunting, fishing model. The price of steel knives available. Promotions and great deals for our customers.

Patented Elmax steel produced by powder metallurgy. In the composition of the metal consists of several components:

  • carbon – providing high strength and hardness;
  • chrome molybdenum, in addition to increasing strength to provide resistance to corrosion effects;
  • vanadium – improves the structure of the steel knife;
  • manganese adds durability to the product.

Advantages of steel knives Elmaks

The Elmax knives of the brand are characterized by high durability, reliability, decent cutting properties and wear resistance. Powder origin gives the finished blade is plastic, the knife's "not afraid" of mechanical stress and bumps. The benefits also include:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • the knife has perfect structure and attractive design;
  • the ease of sharpening of the tip;
  • resistance to bending and lateral loads;
  • long service life.

To date, the blades of steel Elmax are the best and reliable. To buy a knife online at a good price on the Workshop website Ulanova!

Elmax steel knives in stock

Steel knives used in various fields. Each model Elmaks are designed for specific purposes.

On the Workshop website Ulanova presents Elmax knives in large assortment:

  • the hunting of the model (to remove the skins, butchering, animal);
  • fishing knives (cleaning and cutting fish);
  • Finnish knife for domestic purposes and collection models;
  • Oka knives made from powder steel.
  • all-metal model "Needle", "Spartacus", "Felt", etc.

We offer our customers the knives from quality powdered steel at affordable prices. Here you will find a terrific model for personal use in any area for collectibles and worthy present to your dear person, had a passion for beautiful knives.

To buy a knife Elmaks can be made online by filling in a quick order for the selected model. We sell production of own manufacture in the Workshop Ulyanova, therefore, responsible for high quality blades guarantee a long service life. For ordering and advice please contact our specialists at the contact phone number!