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Knives of D2 steel

We offer our customers a hunting and tourism swords in a large assortment. In stock only certified steel knives author's production. Offer an additional service - manufacture of knives to order. We have the best available retail prices from the manufacturer.

Knifes from high-strength steel grade D2 is highly demanded in the USA and Europe. In Russia, these blades are widely used in forestry, hunting, tourism, domestic and fishing.

The benefits of knives made of D2 steel

The most popular knives of solid steel D2 have gained through high performance and comparative low price.

To questionable benefits include technical characteristics of the knives in this category:

  • the knife keeps sharpening;
  • wear resistance;
  • the homogeneity of the structure;
  • decent quality of the cut;
  • does not deform under the influence of mechanical and corrosion effects;
  • stable form;
  • easy to operate handle.

The metal alloy of stainless steel combined with additional components, which increases qualitative characteristics of the finished blade.

It consists of:

  • chrome gives the product a resistance to corrosion;
  • carbon – adds strength;
  • manganese stabilizes the structure of the metal increases the hardness without sacrificing strength;
  • silicon – gives greater strength

Knife steel D2 – a cutting tool having a long service life when properly stored.

More knives of D2 steel in a large range

Workshop Ulanova D. F. is a place where high quality knives are created of D2 steel and other popular brands with strict adherence to technical standards. All products have a certification.

This section presents knives of a copyrighted production of durable D2 steel for various purposes:

  • °
  • Cardinal;
  • Huntsman;
  • Finca;
  • Siberian and other gorgeous model in a stylish design.

Arm blades are created from natural wood-Premium varieties. In the presence and under the order exclusive knives for collectors with a handle of stabilized tooth and mammoth Tusk.

We accept applications for the manufacture of blades according to the individual sketches. Our masters take into account all wishes of the customer and execute the order within the specified period.

On the website you can buy knives of D2 steel at an affordable price with delivery at your address. You can place your order two ways: online or by phone. Experienced professionals are always ready to help in the selection of the blade for personal use and prestigious gift, and to advise on all matters of interest. Give us a call!