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Knives CPM S90V steel

We offer high quality knives of steel is Premium CPM S90V for Hiking, hunting, household use, etc. For all installed products at affordable prices. Fast delivery of steel blades in the region guaranteed!

The fans of good and expensive knives often choose the model of high-strength steel CPM S90V with exciting performance and a long service life.

Stainless blade, made of powder steel has high strength and durability. The primary components include:

  • vanadium provides high strength and corrosion resistance;
  • Nickel – adds toughness and resistance to corrosion effect;
  • carbon – increases wear resistance, improves the hardness and reduces the ductility;
  • manganese – provides abrasion resistance, increases hardenability;
  • in the composition of the metal also includes silicon, cobalt, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and other chemicals, through which the knife takes on increased strength and durability.

Knives made of premium steel CPM S90V very long retain razor sharpness, have a good quality cut and great piercing-piercing ability. Practical form of the butt of the blade allows the tool to perform a lot of functions. The knife can be used in household and other fields.

A wide range of knives from CPM S90V steel

To buy a stylish gentleman's knife from the premium CPM S90V steel on the site of a specialized knife workshop Ulanova D. F. We offer quality tool of its own production at the best prices in the area. All products have a certification.

This page presents the most popular models of knives signature steel CPM S90V:

  • Hunter;
  • Finca;
  • Cardinal;
  • Shanik;
  • The leader of the other branding models.

Professional masters manually create products from high quality steel. The handles using wood of premium grade. Collection models are equipped with a handle of stabilized tooth and mammoth Tusk. We have to buy knives from steel CPM S90V from the catalog or order the production of blades on an individually thought-out sketch. We guarantee high quality of steel blades and always ready to offer excellent conditions for buyers who want to make a bulk purchase of blades copyright. To discuss the conditions in the telephone mode. Call us!