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Knives, steel, CPM REX 121

Knives, steel, CPM REX 121изготавливаются of the wear-resistant alloy. On the Workshop website Ulanova D. F. a large selection of blades of different models and purposes. We set the available retail prices on the entire range.

CPM REX 121 is the hard and wear-resistant steel in the world. Knives made of this material offers an extremely high wear resistance and hardness of the blade. The tool copes with a complex task, where all other knives are too brittle and fail.

In the main composition includes more than 10 additional components that gives the metal enhanced the performance of: carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, Nickel, phosphorus, silicon, vanadium, sulphur etc.

Due to properly selected components and their correlation, knife steel CPM REX 121 acquires increased hardness, strength, resistance to mechanical stress and bending, improved corrosion resistance and increases wear.

Knife super-hard steel Premium grade CPM REX 121 can easily cope with any task. It can be used in complex jobs and in everyday life. Review owners, is a terrific tool for long keeps sharpening.

To prolong the life of the blade to the maximum limits recommended by proper care of the instrument. After washing, the knife should be wiped dry with a towel or napkin.

Brand knives from steel CPM REX 121 in stock

Buy knife steel CPM REX 121 at the most affordable price in the region on the site of a specialized Workshop Ulanova D. F. We offer quality blades from our own production and guarantee full compliance with the stated parameters and a long service life of the knife under the rules of the care tool.

To explore our range. In the catalog published blades of steel CPM REX 121 in stock different models:

  • Hunter;
  • Fang;
  • Leader;
  • Oka;
  • Spartacus etc.

Experienced craftsmen also made more knives on order. We consider all requests and wishes of the client and perform their work without delay, with precise technical standards in production activities. Handmade knives from the manufacturer can be purchased inexpensively in the Workshop Ulanova D. F. delivery. Ordering for the selected blade is made online or by phone. Give us a call!