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The blades of steel N690

The blades of steel premium N690 is made by a unique technology. Suggest ordering a blade with home delivery in the online shop Ulanova D. F. at affordable price. The site presents a wide range of signature knives. We have affordable pricing and best terms of sale for each customer.

Knives of high strength steel N690 have decent performance. These models are made from cobalt alloy steel, which ensures long service life and good resistance to corrosive influences.

Features of production

More brand blades N690 made in the workshop Ulanova D. F. compliance with the original technology of electroslag remelting. This method provides uniform distribution of carbide structure. The increase in hardness and strength is due to the heat treatment and subsequent forging, which also provides the toughness of metal.

In the composition of the alloy consists of various alloying additives in the correct ratio, increasing the resistance of metal to corrosion.


Brand knife in image performance can be applied in different areas and harsh ambient conditions:

  • for underwater hunting and diving;
  • tourism, fisheries, forestry;
  • for domestic use, etc.

Characteristics of the knife

N690 blade steel characterized by high resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. Allowed the use of the knife in conditions of high temperatures and humid environments.

Wear-resistant and high-strength tool has excellent cutting properties with long retention sharpening. Hold a good edge, easily namachivajutsja, immaculately kept cracking and lateral loads.

Handmade knives from steel N690 from the manufacturer

To by author steel knife N690 from direct manufacturer you can on the website a popular Workshop Ulanova D. F. the range includes the most popular models for various purposes:

  • Hunter;
  • City;
  • Finca;
  • Russian, etc.

Skilled craftsmen create high quality products. For the manufacture of the handle uses precious wood, ivory and stabilized the tooth.

We can buy knives of N690 steel with certification for domestic use, hunting and Hiking, as well as exclusive models for collectors. To order selected products online or by phone. To all the questions ready to answer by our experts. Give us a call!