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Knives from steels R6M5K5

We offer brand knives in large assortment. All models are handmade. Quality blades from steels R6M5K5 standards GOST. All products have a certification. Prompt delivery of the blades of steel to your address. Prices on the knives.

Knives high-speed steel R6M5K5 are characterized by high strength and resistance to shock loads. The metal composition includes additional components: molybdenum, carbon, vanadium, Nickel, magnesium, etc. Due to such a combined composition of the metal, the tip acquires a worthy performance, allowing you to use the blade at all, including emergency conditions.

Technical characteristics of the knives from steels R6M5K5

For the manufacture of knives of this series use high-strength tungsten-molybdenum alloy, it maintains its properties even under high temperatures.

Flexural strength – 4700 MPa, good thermo plasticity. The knife steels keeps excellent sharpening, has resistance to mechanical and corrosive influences.

The blade steel of this brand can be used for shock loads. It is successfully applied in the domestic sphere: to cut thick ropes, cutting wood products, repair work, butchering hunting, tourism, etc.

The benefits of knives made of steels R6M5K5 include practicality and ease of use. Owner reviews are positive.

Knives from steels R6M5K5 in a large assortment

If you are looking for a quality steel blade for hunting and domestic use, offer to buy knife steels R6M5K5 on the website of the specialized knife Workshop Ulanova D. F.

In a large assortment of the authors ' model of different use in classic and unique designs:

  • model Hunter;
  • Felt;
  • Spartacus;
  • All-metal knives, etc.

All products in the catalog are manufactured from certified steel in accordance with the highest standards of GOST. Arm products are made of Premium quality wood. Exclusive and collectible models are equipped with a handle of mammoth ivory and stabilized the tooth.

We can buy knives from steels R6M5K5 at the most affordable price in the region. We offer advantageous conditions of sale for each customer. Orders for knives from the catalog are made by phone or online.