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Hunting knives

  • 4,000 Руб.

We offer a large selection of knives for hunters of high-strength steel of various grades. In the presence of all-metal blades, Damascus and other popular models. To order a hunting knife. Guarantee fast dispatch by region.

When choosing a hunting knife should be guided by certain criteria that affect the usability of the tool, its functionality and service life. Each knife of the hunter has a specific purpose:

  • butchering a large animal;
  • skinning;
  • processing small game.

A blade include the universal application, that is, such a tool will be useful not only for gutting, but also for personal needs: transection of the rope, opening canned and perform other household functions performed in ambient conditions.

Hunting knives manufacturer

In the Workshop Ulanova D. F. realized the high strength and utility knives hunter handmade. We produce more swords, using them to create the steel in the premium class. The handle of the knife is created from valuable breeds of a tree. Collectible models are equipped with a handle made of mammoth ivory and stabilized the tooth.

We offer our customers:

  • professional consultation on selection of hunting knives, care and operation;
  • a large selection of steel blades of different use, any size and design;
  • custom-made knives hunter under the order;
  • affordable prices on knives of the highest quality;
  • guarantee long service life of tool steel and flawless functionality;
  • all sold hunting knives the certification is issued.

If you need a quality hunting knife from the manufacturer, pay the best Workshop Ulanova D. F.!

Terms of sale hunting knives

In our shop you can buy a solid steel knife of the hunter for regular use or collector's version at the best price in the area.

To choose and order high-quality blade. On the website published catalog of knives with a photo, price and description. Available:

  • "Spartacus";
  • "Fang";
  • "Leader";
  • "Hail";
  • Sibiryak and other popular models.

Guarantee fast order processing and prompt shipping for the region. For any questions ready to answer our assistants taking phone calls!