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National knives

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Beautiful and high strength knives national kind are sold at prices from the manufacturer in a large assortment. On the website you can choose practical tool for regular operation, as well as the unique collector's version of handmade. To place an order for national knife you can one-click.

National knife is the pride of any nation. These tools for centuries was created by skilled craftsmen who invest in their job skills and years of experience, laid ancestors.

National knives associated with many historical facts, stories and legends. The peoples of the different nationalities there was a certain kind of classic knife with original settings length of the handle and blade.

For example, the Finnish national knives must have a sturdy wooden handle with slight finger grooves. Russian people have the knives had a wedge-shaped cross-section blade and a thick blade. Yakut knife has a distinctive sharpening of the blade and the handle is unusually long.

National Caucasian knives, often used as a melee weapon, have a durable steel blade and thick wooden handle from valuable breeds of a tree.

The Central Asian models of knives have design feature: straight thick spine with one-sided sharpening, and the wooden scabbard with a harmonious edge.

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In a large assortment of national knives of different Nations:

  • legendary Finca;
  • exclusive Oriental knife with a characteristic bending of the blade;
  • traditional knife skandik and other popular models.

Craftsmen perform knives of high-strength steel of different types. The handles used precious wood, ivory and stabilized the tooth. In the presence and under the order of the national knives handmade by the most affordable prices in the area.

Make a purchase for the selected model of the knife on the phone or online. Shipping is done in fast mode. In picking a knife there is also a certification guaranteeing full compliance with GOST standards.

Have any questions? Call us, we will help to choose the national quality knife for any purpose for the presentation of a dear person or personal use under different environmental conditions.