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Kitchen knife

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Buy durable and good cutting knife with a comfortable handle and a steel blade can available price on the Workshop website Ulanova D. F. In the presence of a large selection of knives for home use. The orders for the selected products are accepted online and by phone.

A good kitchen knife will allow each owner to create the perfect culinary delights to serving. This inventory is divided into several types depending on its intended purpose.

The most popular models of kitchen knives:

  • universal chef's knife easy – to-use tool to clean, slicing and cutting a variety of products in fast mode;
  • the bread knife has a serrated blade great length for neatly slicing bread pulp without crumbling;
  • knife for cleaning of vegetables with sharp blade small length and comfortable handle;
  • sandwich knife – a tool of medium size, equipped with a blade slightly curved shape;
  • fillet knife – for slicing meat products, has a long narrow blade with slightly raised tip.

Buy kitchen knives from the manufacturer

On the Workshop website Ulanova D. F. you can buy more kitchen handmade knives at affordable prices. All products are made from high strength stainless steel. The blades are equipped with comfortable handles made of valuable wood, treated with special compositions for continuous use in moist environment.

This page presents the most popular models of kitchen knives for various purposes. Also available in exclusive gift sets in a beautiful design.

All products have a certification. Our craftsmen create knives of high strength, ensuring long service life and convenient operation for its intended purpose.

Kitchen knives – custom!

If you are unable to find on the website a suitable model of a kitchen knife, we offer you to order custom-made based on personal wishes and requirements of the customer. Prices on kitchen knives handmade to order – the most affordable in the area!

Buy knife kitchen inexpensive from the manufacturer online, filling out a quick order on the website of the Workshop Ulanova D. F.

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