Attention! There is a new steel!

February 20, 2018

Dear friends, a new steel CPM S110V and CPM Rex121.

CPM REX 121 (Crucible Industries - USA) tool high-carbon high-speed steel with the highest wear resistance. Due to the high content of vanadium (9.5%) allows you to maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time. Also this steel is widely used for production of the tool with the raised heat resistance and working at high speeds.

Chemical composition of steel, CPM REX 121

C (carbon)-3.4% Mo (molybdenum)-5.0% Co (cobalt)-9.0%

Cr (chromium) -4.0% W (tungsten) -10% V (vanadium) -9.5%

CPM-S110V - high alloy martensitic stainless tool steel produced by the concern "Crucible Industries" (USA). CPM-S110V contains a fairly large amount of vanadium and niobium, which increase the strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel, and the addition of cobalt increases the secondary hardness. Due to this composition, CPM-S110V steel has improved corrosion resistance than CPM-s90v.

Steel is made by technology of the amorphous metal alloys more known among producers and fans of knives under the abbreviation SRM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy). The CPM process allows for the production of very uniform, high-quality steel, which is characterized by excellent stability, uniformity and rigidity compared to the steels of traditional smelting production. It is used for the production of parts and tools with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Chemical composition of steel CPM-S110V

C (carbon)-2.8% Mo (molybdenum)-2.25% V (vanadium) -9.00%

Cr (chromium) -15.25% Nb (niobium)-3.0% Co (cobalt)-2.5%