Stainless powder steel m390 Bohler

February 23, 2018

Powder steel m390 technical stainless steel bowler.

Levy and his super high producers of superior cutting ability and wear resistance due to its structure with a high concentration of coli and chromium carbide. The unique process of powder-based metallurgical production contributes to the crow and carbide distribution in other chemical element balancing of steel, which makes m390 technical steel very popular among users and the Assembly. M390 steel technical used Harris cutting tool, a scalpel, Polk, Noah, and the device essentially requiring high characteristics and properties. If steel m390 technical use for the manufacture of the knife, the clinic will definitely be an area of increased corrosion resistance, as part of the steel is very high concentration of Rum. It is also worth noting that this steel is widely used in industry for the production of various storms in factories and machines that perform a complex process of strictly solid materials.

Chemical composition:

Of 1.9% ,

Mn 0,30% ,

Cr 20% ,

Si 0,70% ,

V 4% ,

Mo 1% ,