Vanadis 10 Steel

February 23, 2018

Vanadis 10 is a powder steel from a well-known company Udellholm (Sweden). The closest analogue of this steel is CPM 10V steel with a high content of vanadium. Compared with CPM 10V steel, Vanadis 10 has greater strength. The blades of steel Vanadis 10 have a high resistant to corrosion, comparable to steel KH12MF (D2).|

The composition of the steel Vanadis 10:

C -2.94%,


Mn-0.47% ,





Characteristics of Vanadis-10 steel knives: • Extremely high wear resistance • high compressive strength * increased impact resistance and viscosity Vanadis-10 Steel is used for production of high-class cutting knives.