February 23, 2018

Elmax steel-chrome-molybdenum-vanadium powder steel manufactured by Uddelholn (Austria). Thanks to the latest developments in powder metallurgy, this steel has carbides of small size, which contributes to a very efficient cutting. Steel has excellent strength characteristics, high corrosion resistance and excellent sharpening. hardness 61-62HRC. Chem composition C 1.7% Si 0.8% Mn 0.3% Cr 18.0% Mo 1.0% V 3.0%

February 23, 2018

Bohler K110-high-carbon high-chromium cold-tube tool steel of Austrian-Swedish concern Böhler-Uddeholm obtained by electroslag remelting, which ensures low micro and macro segregation, as well as the purity and homogeneity of the microstructure. Simply put, it contains less harmful impurities and evenly distributed carbides. Unlike K340 has a greater hardness, but slightly lower viscosity. Used to make knives above the average price range. Typical range of hardness of 59-62 HRc.

C (1.55) Cr(11.80) Mo(0.80) Mn(0.35) V (0.95) Si(0.25)

February 23, 2018

Powder steel m390 technical stainless steel bowler.

Levy and his super high producers of superior cutting ability and wear resistance due to its structure with a high concentration of coli and chromium carbide. The unique process of powder-based metallurgical production contributes to the crow and carbide distribution in other chemical element balancing of steel, which makes m390 technical steel very popular among users and the Assembly. M390 steel technical used Harris cutting tool, a scalpel, Polk, Noah, and the device essentially requiring high characteristics and properties. If steel m390 technical use for the manufacture of the knife, the clinic will definitely be an area of increased corrosion resistance, as part of the steel is very high concentration of Rum. It is also worth noting that this steel is widely used in industry for the production of various storms in factories and machines that perform a complex process of strictly solid materials.

Chemical composition:

Of 1.9% ,

Mn 0,30% ,

Cr 20% ,

Si 0,70% ,

V 4% ,

Mo 1% ,

February 23, 2018

Bohler К340 - holodnokatanaja tool steel company Böhler obtained by electroslag remelting, resulting in lower micro and macro segregation, and the purity and homogeneity of the microstructure. Simply put, it contains less harmful impurities and evenly distributed carbides. Composition close to KH12MF, also has an excellent cut, even greater toughness and durability. Unlike X12MF, almost not subject to rusting and approaching stainless steels. The spacing of hardness with proper treatment 57-63 Hrc. Especially well behaved after heat treatment during hardening.

Chemical composition (%)

C Si Mn Cr Mo V + additives

1.10 0.90 0.40 8.30 2.10 0.50

February 23, 2018

Vanadis 10 is a powder steel from a well-known company Udellholm (Sweden). The closest analogue of this steel is CPM 10V steel with a high content of vanadium. Compared with CPM 10V steel, Vanadis 10 has greater strength. The blades of steel Vanadis 10 have a high resistant to corrosion, comparable to steel KH12MF (D2).|

The composition of the steel Vanadis 10:

C -2.94%,


Mn-0.47% ,





Characteristics of Vanadis-10 steel knives: • Extremely high wear resistance • high compressive strength * increased impact resistance and viscosity Vanadis-10 Steel is used for production of high-class cutting knives.