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Russian 3 knife 01 steel CPM S90V

Russian 3 knife 01 steel CPM S90V

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12,000 Руб. ×

Total length mm 255
Blade length, mm 130
Stick length, mm 125
Width of blade, mm 28
The width of the handle, mm 32
The thickness of the handle, mm 22
The thickness of the butt, mm 3.5-4.0
ATTENTION! In the manufacture of the handle of this model can be used various materials. To discuss all of the details you need to contact the Manager. Or,when ordering, specify in comments.
Additional description:

Knife Russian 3-01 – is the signature model handmade in exclusive design. The blade is made of high-strength powdered steel CPM S90V. Long keeps initial sharpening. Easily copes with lateral and longitudinal loads. The tool features a wooden handle with art casting of precious wood. Comfortable shape with non-slip surface. You can apply for different jobs in the home, in the tourism and hunting. Anti-corrosive properties allow it to operate in a humid environment.

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