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Knife Russian 2 01 steel CPM S90V

Knife Russian 2 01 steel CPM S90V

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Total length mm 235
Blade length, mm 110
Stick length, mm 125
Width of blade, mm 24
The width of the handle, mm 30
The thickness of the handle, mm 21
The thickness of the butt, mm 3.0-4.0
ATTENTION! In the manufacture of the handle of this model can be used various materials. To discuss all of the details you need to contact the Manager. Or,when ordering, specify in comments.
Additional description:

Russian 2-01 – universal steel knife exclusive design will last for a considerable period and will fully satisfy all requests of its owner! Is not a melee weapon. Can be used in everyday life and in tourism. Perfect for presentation to the collector.

Characteristics of model: made of stainless high-speed steel CPM S90V by powder metallurgy. High level of wear resistance. Long keeps sharpening. Has inertness to corrosive chemicals. Does not deform under the shock and side loads.

On our website you can arrange a quick purchase in one click. Knife Russian 2-01 will be delivered to your address in configuration with a gift pouch and a certificate!

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