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Knife Oka 1 from fast ЕМ2

Knife Oka 1 from fast ЕМ2

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Изготавливаются по технологиям порошковой металлургии с применением 3-ступенчатого процесса: распыление в газовой среде, горячее изостатическое прессование и операции после прессования, такие как штамповка, прокатка или протяжка. Состав: С 0,90% W 6,40% Cr 4,20% Mo 5,0% V 1,80%
Total length mm 260
Blade length, mm 135
Stick length, mm 125
Width of blade, mm 33
The width of the handle, mm 31
The thickness of the handle, mm 22
The thickness of the butt, mm 3,0-5,0
ATTENTION! In the manufacture of the handle of this model can be used various materials. To discuss all of the details you need to contact the Manager. Or,when ordering, specify in comments.
Additional description:

The tested sample is a knife for cutting, not related to melee weapons. Meets the requirements of GOST R 51644 - 2000 "butchering Knives and skinning" Knife made in combination with art casting is Nickel silver. The knife comes with a genuine leather case and certificate.

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