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Knives in wooden scabbard

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We offer a large selection of exclusive handmade knives quality knives made of valuable wood. All products have a certification. Shipping knives in a wooden sheath in the region is carried out quickly. The order of the chosen model, you can issue online in one click!

Wear very sharp-edged knife, without special protection is a very difficult and dangerous. To eliminate unwanted injuries and wounds knives are equipped with special sheath, made from different materials.

Wooden scabbard with steel knives in stock

On the website specialist Workshop Ulanova D. F. you can buy a stylish knife with wooden sheath for a very reasonable price. All products in stock are certified and are created with the observance of technological rules according to GOST.

Handmade knives with a beautiful wooden sheath for many centuries exploited by the Northern peoples. Such products are also often to be found among Europeans who choose a traditional style with an original design and comfortable protection made of exotic wood.

Wooden scabbard does not blunt the knife's edge. With proper treatment of the structure of protective equipment will last a long time, without losing its original qualities.

If you want to buy quality steel knife complete with the original scabbard of wood, we offer place your order on the website of our Workshop!

In the presence of the knife and sheath handmade in exclusive design:

  • model Skindo;
  • Tanto (several versions);
  • Partner;
  • Skandik etc.

Knives with wooden sheath from the manufacturer

In the Workshop Ulanova D. F. staffed by experienced professionals, creating instruments from high-strength premium steel of various grades. For the manufacture of knife handles and sheaths is used precious wood with the special processing, protecting the finished product from deformation and damage under the influence of a moist environment.

We offer our customers ready-made blades from the catalog at the most affordable prices in the area. Buyers wishing to purchase a unique knife with wooden scabbard, you can place an order for custom manufacturing tools. Guarantee full compliance with all the requirements and wishes of the client, as well as rapid manufacturing with rapid dispatch of the finished knife at the specified address.

To all the questions ready to answer our phone! Give us a call!