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Knives through the installation

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  • 12,000 Руб.
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  • 35,000 Руб.

Our catalog contains high-quality knives on the type of Assembly through hole in a large assortment. We have set affordable prices and best terms of sale for each customer. We can buy knives with a through mounting of the handle and the delivery region.

Knives with a through mounting is rightly called the most professional cutter tool has a lot of features of functions. The Assembly of such models is performed by highly sophisticated technology, driven by quite different mechanical and physical properties of the materials used to create the blade and hilt.

This work can handle every specialist. To get the perfect result, you need a lot of experience and decent skills. With this task perfectly cope masters of the knife case from the popular Workshop Ulanova D. F., having excellent skills to perform knife through installation.

To evaluate the performance of professionals by customer reviews. Our work has also been exhibited at major international exhibitions in the capital cities of the Russian Federation.

Features manufacturer

The Assembly of the knife for use, has great features. To create high-quality and well-functioning tool, the master extends the shank of the blade, and at the end cut the thread. Further the design is filled with composition based on epoxy resin and tightening the nut of the PCB.

For the creation of the blade is used high-strength steel of different grades. Arm products are made from premium wood. Exclusive collector's knife features a gorgeous handle made of stabilized tooth and mammoth Tusk.

Knives for use in the range

On the Workshop website Ulanova D. F. you will find a great selection of knives through installation of different purpose and design. Available:

  • Spartacus (various versions);
  • East;
  • Cardinal;
  • Oka knife;
  • Fishing;
  • Bison and other popular models.

Buy a knife through mounting possible online, filling out a quick application on our website. The orders for the selected instruments are also accepted by phone.

We guarantee high quality of products supplied to our customers with certification. Prices on knives of high strength complex end-to-end Assembly is the most affordable in the area! Have any questions? Give us a call!